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Production Optics Letter and provision division rules.

At the IPSC General Assembly held on August 26, 2017 in Chateauroux, France – the Assembly overwhelmingly voted in favor of a investigating new division, known as Production Optics. The IPSC Executive gave their blessing for the regions to trial the new division, but they did not provide the regions with a rule set.

After extensive discussion with many regions, the region of Canada has decided to implement theattached (see next page) rule set for Production Optics for trial. Basically, it is the Production Rule Set, utilizing the production gun list but allowing slide mounted red dot optic sights.

Beginning in 2018; All Canadian sections can use this rule set to offer the Production Optics division to their competitors at their matches. Some things IPSC Canada members should be aware of:

  1. IPSC Matches have the choice to not offer division recognition at a match (they can chose not to recognize Production Optics or even Standard at a match)
  2. Since this is a trial division; at Level 3 matches no president’s medals will be available for awards for Production Optics
  3. This is a trail division. While we and many other regions believe this is the best direction for Production Optics; IPSC could chose to not go ahead with it or modify the rules disqualifying guns or components that are permitted in this version of the rule set. Of course, if this happens, IPSC Canada will notify its membership as soon as possible.

We hope that this new division will offer a popular option to competitors and with luck, be popular enough to grow like our other divisions

Yours truly,
Sean Hansen
Regional Director, IPSC Canada


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