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Shotgun Rules exemptions for IPSC Canada

The IPSC Executive Council has formally approved the rule exemptions, in order to comply with the laws of Canada, as follows:

  1. Limiting the capacity in the fitted magazine tube of a semi-automatic shotgun to not more than five rounds of the gauge and cartridge length as indicated by the firearm manufacturer either by means of barrel markings or other manufacturer literature where applicable. Capacity in the fitted magazine tube of a semi-automatic shotgun will be measured using the appropriate gauge dummy rounds having a length corresponding to the “rolled” or “folded” cartridge length (whichever is greater) as outlined in the most current edition of the Voluntary Industry Performance Standards for Pressure and Velocity of Shotshell Ammunition for the Use of Commercial Manufacturers (SAAMI Z299.2 – 2015 (R2019)); and
  2. Firearms are subject to Equipment Compliance Check by match officials at any time during a match to ensure divisional and capacity compliance.

Please ensure your membership understands that the subject exemptions only apply in respect of IPSC competitions being held within Canada.


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