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IPSC Canada Regional Director approved PractiScore as a scoring program for any L1, L2 and L3 matches in Canada. PractiScore app works on Android and iOS/Apple phones and tablets and allows to deliver match results faster and save time for Match Director and Stats Officers.

We encourage all Range Officers and Match Directors to get familiar with the system. Here is a short list of good practices to follow, especially for a large matches:

  • Name your scoring devices used by ROs according to stages or shooting bays (see Import/Export / Device Name in the app) and put a sticker on the front of device with device name, so you’d always use same device for same stage
  • Always pull scores only to a dedicated master device (i.e. avoid pulling scores between scoring devices). This makes it easier to investigate issues in case of any troubles (and also easier to find scores if anything is missing).
  • When pulling data from scoring devices, keep an eye on the battery levels.
    Educate ROs to keep device screen off while not scoring to save battery
  • Lock individual stage to devices (to avoid scores entered to a wrong stage). It is a device-specific setting.
    In Android app, see stage editing screen, entry menu (vertical dots) on the right
    In iOS/Apple app, see lock icon on the right of the stage entry
  • MD can enable “Secure Match” mode to prevent stage ROs to change competitor info at the stages (secure pin/password will be required to make changes)
  • In Android app, you can also enable score logging in match setting. If you have an SD card in device, select a folder on sd card. This will create a human readable log of all saved scores
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IPSC Canada / NROI Canada Range Master Program 2016

This document is designed to set out the procedure for a NROI Canada Official to enter the “Range Master” program. Applications must be sent to NROI Canada Coordinator in written format and must include ALL of the information required in the “To Apply” section below.

Minimum Qualifications required for applying to the NROI Canada RM Program as a “Provisional RM”.

To apply the applicant must:

  • Be an active NROI Canada CRO with a minimum of 4 years experience
  • Have worked as a CRO @ 2 Canadian National Championship matches within the past 4 years from date of application (a minimum of 1 Nationals must be outside of home section)
  • Have been a Match Director @ at least 2 Level II or higher matches within past 2 years
  • Receive and submit written a recommendation from at least 2 “Current” full RMs (1 of which must not reside in applicants home section)
  • Receive and submit a written recommendation from their Section Coordinator
  • Receive a recommendation from the Regional Director of IPSC Canada.
  • Receive a recommendation from the President of NROI Canada.

The Mentor/Senior RM: This person will be responsible for training and mentoring the candidate, and will work with the student at ALL matches. The mentor must either be chosen or approved by the Regional Director & President NROI.

Note for clarification: The above requirements are the min to be accepted into the “Provisional Range Master” Program. Once accepted, the following items are required to be completed during the minimum 1 year of mentoring as a “Provisional Range Master.” To be “mentored” simply means the candidate MUST work alongside their senior/mentoring RM during all of the requirements below. The candidate will not work alone as a RM but always alongside their mentor.

Mentoring items:

  • Must work as a mentored RM @ at least 4 level II matches
  • Must work as a mentored RM @ at least 1 level III or higher match
  • For each of the above matches the mentoring RM must complete a written report of the students performance which must include:
    • Details of any arbitrations
    • Details of decisions made by the student
    • Details of any mistake made by the student (we all make them, let’s be honest)
  • A final report from the Mentor, after all of the above matches are completed, documenting the student’s performance must be submitted, along with the above individual match reports, to the President of NROI Canada

The reports will be reviewed by the Regional Director & President of NROI. Based on these reports, and any other reports received, the candidate will be given a final decision within 30 days.

This final decision will have 3 possible outcomes:

  1. Candidate is successful and is promoted to full Range Master.
  2. Candidate requires further training/mentoring. Provisional status remains, review in 6 months.
  3. Candidate has failed to meet the minimum requirements, and due to one or more reasons is removed from the RM training program at this time. Depending on specific circumstances, the candidate may reapply in 1 year.


NROI Canada has commissioned Cape Custom Gunsmiths to build certified Boxes for Standard Division. The boxes will be built to the following measurements: 225mm x 150mm x 45mm.

Each Section will be supplied with one Box.

Canada’s exemptions for Open and Standard Division are gone as of July 1, 2009. All competitors must now comply with the international rules for each division. This means that the minimum bullet weight for major in Open Division is 120 grains. For Standard Division, A handgun in its ready condition, but unloaded and with an empty magazine inserted or empty cylinder closed, must fit wholly within the confines of a box which has internal dimensions of 225mm x 150mm x 45mm (tolerance of +1 mm, -0 mm).

Note: that all magazines must comply.

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The National Range Officers Institute Canada, is responsible for disseminating information to all National Range Officials in Canada. Much of the information relates to safety issues, rules of the sport and arranging for Range Officials for the annual IPSC Canada National Championships. NROI is also responsible for the training of all National Range Officials in accordance with international training standards.