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The National Range Officers Institute Canada, is responsible for disseminating information to all National Range Officials in Canada. Much of the information relates to safety issues, rules of the sport and arranging for Range Officials for the annual IPSC Canada National Championships. NROI is also responsible for the training of all National Range Officials in accordance with international training standards.

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2020 Clay Target Ruling

National Range Officer Institute Official Clarification concerning the use of Clay targets for Rifle and Pistol Calibre Carbine Matches

The official ruling is that any target made from clay or any Clay Target designed for use as a Shotgun Target are not authorized targets for PCC or IPSC Rifle competition as per rule 4.4.1

4.4.1 Frangible targets, such as tiles, may be used as scoring targets, but not as no-shoots, in IPSC Pistol Calibre Carbine matches.

Jim Smith
Director NROI Canada

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Shotgun Rules exemptions for IPSC Canada

The IPSC Executive Council has formally approved the rule exemptions, in order to comply with the laws of Canada, as follows:

  1. Limiting the capacity in the fitted magazine tube of a semi-automatic shotgun to not more than five rounds of the gauge and cartridge length as indicated by the firearm manufacturer either by means of barrel markings or other manufacturer literature where applicable. Capacity in the fitted magazine tube of a semi-automatic shotgun will be measured using the appropriate gauge dummy rounds having a length corresponding to the “rolled” or “folded” cartridge length (whichever is greater) as outlined in the most current edition of the Voluntary Industry Performance Standards for Pressure and Velocity of Shotshell Ammunition for the Use of Commercial Manufacturers (SAAMI Z299.2 – 2015 (R2019)); and
  2. Firearms are subject to Equipment Compliance Check by match officials at any time during a match to ensure divisional and capacity compliance.

Please ensure your membership understands that the subject exemptions only apply in respect of IPSC competitions being held within Canada.


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Rules exemptions for IPSC Canada

The IPSC Executive Council has approved the following rules exemptions, in order to comply with the laws of Canada:

  1. Limiting magazine capacity in all pistol divisions and pistol caliber carbine discipline to 10rounds;
  2. Increasing the minimum distance for the engagement of metal targets to 10 meters.

The subject exemptions only apply in respect of IPSC competitions being held within Canada


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National Disqualification and Recertification Policy

Application: ​All IPSC sanctioned matches in Canada

In the event that a competitor is disqualified twice in a twelve-month period (starting with the first disqualification and regardless of the level of the sanctioned match) a suspension may be issued​ by the Section Training Coordinator1 of the Section.

Once a suspension occurs, the process for recertification begins.

Recertification Process:

Level 1 Recertification: ​Consists of eight exercises from the Black Badge Certification Course, including the “el prez”. The suspended member must demonstrate competency in all the exercises to be allowed to compete.

Once the recertification process is completed, the member will be issued a new provisional card and must successfully complete a sanctioned match in the year following the re-certification. The provisional card is sent to the Section Training Coordinator and kept on file for a minimum of twelve months.

If the member is disqualified in the twelve months following the recertification, they may be suspended. If suspended they would move to Level 2 recertification.

Level 2 Recertification: ​Requires that the member ​retake the entire Black Badge Certification Course and successfully shoot a sanctioned match in the following twelve months.

If the member is disqualified in the twelve months following the completion of the Level 2 Recertification (Black Badge Certification Course), they may be suspended. If suspended they would move to Level 3 recertification.

Level 3 Recertification: ​The matter is referred to the board of directors of the section to decide if the disqualified member should continue to be a member of IPSC in Canada.

Provisional/Probationary Members:​ Provisional or probationary members who are
disqualified in their first match may have to retake the Black Badge Certification Course at the discretion of their Provincial/Section Training Coordinator

1) The Section Training officer or their designate will review all match disqualifications for possible follow up.

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A-Hits Inc. is the official supplier of officials shirts for NROI Canada, please follow link for ordering.

Shirts can only be customized with Name and Range Officer status no other logos will be permitted.

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NOTE: Production Optics and Production Optics Light divisions are part of the 2019 IPSC Handgun Rule book.

Amended Production Optics Division Rules

See the document linked above for amended Production Division Rules.

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2018 NROI Rulings

Official Ruling
In the interest of Safety, NROI Canada will be prohibiting the use of Blackhawk Serpa Holsters and their variants that unlock in the same manner (using the trigger finger to release the firearm above the trigger guard) as of January, 1, 2018. The design of this holster has resulted in many documented accidents; has been banned by multiple law enforcement agencies and other sporting associations. This is covered under rule 5.2.6 – Range Master’s authority – IPSC Canada has deemed it unsafe and is use will not be permitted in any IPSC competitions.

Deactivation of the locking mechanism or other modifications will not make the Serpa holster legal for use .The holster modified or not is banned from use for any level of IPSC competition.

Clarification / Interpretation “A competitor who fails to satisfy the equipment or other requirements of a declared Division after the Start Signal, will be placed in Open Division,”
Failure of the requirements of a declared division does not include magazines or speed loaders in a competitors’ pockets that the competitor does not use during the course of fire.

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Production Optics Letter and provision division rules.

At the IPSC General Assembly held on August 26, 2017 in Chateauroux, France – the Assembly overwhelmingly voted in favor of a investigating new division, known as Production Optics. The IPSC Executive gave their blessing for the regions to trial the new division, but they did not provide the regions with a rule set.

After extensive discussion with many regions, the region of Canada has decided to implement theattached (see next page) rule set for Production Optics for trial. Basically, it is the Production Rule Set, utilizing the production gun list but allowing slide mounted red dot optic sights.

Beginning in 2018; All Canadian sections can use this rule set to offer the Production Optics division to their competitors at their matches. Some things IPSC Canada members should be aware of:

  1. IPSC Matches have the choice to not offer division recognition at a match (they can chose not to recognize Production Optics or even Standard at a match)
  2. Since this is a trial division; at Level 3 matches no president’s medals will be available for awards for Production Optics
  3. This is a trail division. While we and many other regions believe this is the best direction for Production Optics; IPSC could chose to not go ahead with it or modify the rules disqualifying guns or components that are permitted in this version of the rule set. Of course, if this happens, IPSC Canada will notify its membership as soon as possible.

We hope that this new division will offer a popular option to competitors and with luck, be popular enough to grow like our other divisions

Yours truly,
Sean Hansen
Regional Director, IPSC Canada


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Jim Smith is a new Canada NROI Coordinator. You can contact him at jim@division8.co